Buying after a Foreclosure or Short Sale

There is a new phrase being banded around the market called the “Boomerang Buyer’s”.  These are buyers who lost their homes to foreclosures or short sales in recent years and are now looking to get back into home ownership. In order to qualify for a loan with Federal Housing Association, Buyers have to wait 3 […]

Look at payments … not the price


Since January, there has been a definite shift in the Denver Real Estate market.  Buyers, making the most of the low interest rates and increasing rents, are lining up to buy homes … which aren’t there??   Good priced homes in great condition are moving FAST!!  Because of this demand, Sellers are getting their homes […]

How Can You Profit From Housing Growth in Denver?

An exciting report from Fox Business highlighted Denver as the place to profit from the housing growth.   People are migrating to Denver from all over the country, and here are some of the contributing factors which makes buying a property in Denver a good investment:- * Unemployment is below the national average at 7.9% * The per […]

100% Loan to value, no mortgage insurance, 3% seller concessions .. check this loan out

Wow, check out this loan offering no mortgage insurance, allowing up to 100% LTV, using alternative tradelines for borrowers with limited or no credit and allowing 3% seller concessions – to name a few. There are certain guidelines to this product so, not everyone will qualify or is eligible for the program. But you can […]