The Denver Post Needs a Bit of Cheering Up Over Low Inventory

The Denver Post had an article recently about the low inventory in the metro Denver real estate market: “Metro Denver Struggles with a Record Low Supply of Homes for Sale”, dated February 13, 2015. They are feeling a bit “gloomy” about the whole matter. If you are a regular reader of the CHR Buzz, the […]

Wrap Up and Welcome 2015!

Its certainly going to be a chilly one, but a trip to Denver this New Year’s Eve will not leave you cold! From the zoo, to parties and balls, to spectacular fireworks, Denver covers every member of the family. I wish you a fun and safe New Year’s Eve and a very Happy New […]

Enjoy The Sparkle Of The Holidays!

Many of us are donning the outside of our homes and our yards with pretty lights to celebrate this holiday season. The Botanic Gardens is no exception! Enjoy a magical evening at Blossoms of Lights at York Street, and Trail of Lights at Chatfield this year. They are sure to bring a sparkle to […]

Should You “For Sale By Owner”?

The article, “5 Reasons You Shouldn’t For Sale by Owner,” makes some interesting points about the disadvantages that arise when an owner sells a house without the help of an agent. However, a couple comments are in order. Like most articles we see on this topic, the author cites studies that show that houses sold […]

Seller Strategies for Finding A Replacement Home

Right now, sellers can sell quickly and for more than their home has ever been worth in many cases and still have options to implement strategies to protect themselves in case they cannot find an appropriate, exciting or acceptable replacement home. Here are some of those strategies: Have home totally prepared, ready to go to […]

Buying Makes You Richer Than Renting

We’ve commented favorably in the past on the Trulia calculator that helps you understand the true costs of buying versus renting a home. Now the New York Times (NYT) has weighed in with their version of the rent/buy calculator. Bottom line: Second versus, same as the first. The NYT calculator gives a similar answer as […]

Benefits of Using me When Buying a New “Build”


What can I do for you when buying a new home purchase?                                   I get Paid by the Builder: The builder will pay the fee due to an agent with no increase to the purchase price of the property. Negotiation Expertise: Builders, like every seller, may be negotiable on the sales price. I can help you determine […]

Short Circuited Promotion

Many homes are getting sold prior to officially going on the market these days. It can happen for a variety of reasons. Some are outright sinister and unethical. Even when done innocently and naively, it is a strategy that often causes you to put less money in your pocket than you otherwise would. Here is […]

Are you buying / selling a home or a pair of jeans ??

You shop around for a pair of jeans to fit. You might be lucky and strike gold in the first shop you go in, it may take you a few fits to find the dream pair. So what has this go to do with buying a house? Well how do you shop for an agent […]